Allow reviewing a card from browser

I am trying to learn to recognize musical intervals. I am using both Anki and another separate program for that, but each time I make a mistake in that separate program, I create an Anki note for this specific mistake. Sometimes, when I make a mistake in the external program, I discover that the corresponding note in Anki had been already created. I need to “Review” that specific card and mark it as “failed”, so Anki would know that I made a mistake. I would like to be able to do it quickly and easily, without closing the browser.

If I provide a good quality patch for this feature, will it be merged?

I could use or develop an add-on for this, but I also need this on Ankidroid and they won’t allow implementing it on Ankidroid until it is implemented on Anki.

I used Supermemo for many years in the past and it always had this feature.

This is from Supermemo wiki:

If you find a forgotten item, use Execute Repetition (#14157)
(Julio Bernardi, May 14, 2007, 19:38:09)


What would be the most efficient action to take when one finds a forgotten item, but one that is not due to review in the present day? Try to re-memorize it, reschedule it, or leave it as it is?


You should use Learning : Execute repetition on the element menu (press Ctrl+Shift+R). This option has been added specifically for this kind of situations. In the past, you would indeed need to re-memorize (if the item was important), reschedule (to delay items whose repetition was coming too soon), or leave “as is” (if the next repetition was to come far in the future). Execute repetition tells SuperMemo that you have inadvertently reviewed the item. You will need to guess the grade that you believe you would have scored (e.g. if the item was chanced upon and is not forgotten). If the optimum repetition was to come soon, the repetition will be nearly as effective as a standardly schedule repetition. If the optimum repetition was scheduled far into the future, SuperMemo will delay the next review accordingly

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This is my request for the same feature on AnkiDroid:


I don’t have any objections to the concept, but it’s difficult to cleanly implement with the current code. I’m currently in the process of updating the scheduling code, and I’ll keep this in mind as I work through it. In the mean time, you can approximate a fail by resetting the card in the Cards menu.


There is an add-on “Advanced Previewer” but it needs to be updated to 2.1