Browse and quickly review selection of cards

Is there a way to browse decks, select a range of arbitrary cards, and review them? Ignoring all of the scheduling and card state and what not. I like Anki and it’s philosophy, but sometimes I just want to grab a selection of cards and flip through them. Is this possible? What’s the easiest way?

the easiest way would be creating a custom study session. but in that way, you don’t have full control over what specific cards are shown. you can choose a tag, a state and a number for cards then anki chooses random cards.

you can also create a filtered deck from browser and disable the reschedule part. in this way you probably are able to choose specific cards.
i don’t know much about this one tho, haven’t tried it myself.
but here’s a video explaining how to do it

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think filtered decks work bc they can only be in one filtered deck at a time and they don’t ignore the state of the card. A custom study session only shows you cards that are in a deck and is still card state dependent.

Filtered decks can not pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And unless you are using the experimental scheduler, they can not pull in cards that are in (re)learning.

I would like to be able to quickly select some arbitrary cards and study them, outside of card state and tracking. A filtered deck would work if I could get it to ignore card state.

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as I don’t use filtered deck and custom study sessions, I don’t really know much about them. this was something i stumbled upon a while ago, thought it might be useful :slight_smile:
hope you find your answer :wink:

Actually, I think a custom study session will mostly do what I want. I had to switch my filtered decks to sub-decks. Still new myself. Thanks!