Can't study by tag in custom study

I’d like to study just 1 tag
But when I choose custom study → study by card state or tag → all review cards in random order or all cards in random order (don’t reschedule)
It shows an error message “no cards matched the criteria you provided”
Someone know how I can revise just 1 tag, or is these any other method to revise a group of chosen cards?
Im french so sorry for my english :slight_smile:
Thanks you :slight_smile:

The message indicates that Anki could not find any cards with that tag that could be moved into a filtered deck. From the Anki Manual

Filtered decks can not pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And unless you are using the experimental scheduler, they can not pull in cards that are in (re)learning. For this reason, a search in the browser may reveal cards that don’t end up in the filtered deck.


Thanks for the reply
I have cards with this tag as you can see

Do you know how I can study this tag ?

Did you rule out the possible causes from the quote?


I don’t understand what you mean

I quoted a passage from the Anki manual that explains under which circumstances a card cannot be moved to a filtered deck (custom study), even though it matches the filter, e.g. because it is buried.
To solve your problem, you first have to find out what the reason is in your case. You can find out more about the mentioned concepts in the Anki Manual.

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You have cards in the red learning queue. Those cards can not be included in a filtered deck with the Anki 2.0 scheduler.

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