Custom Study Not Using All Cards

Hello, I’m sure that this has been asked before, and I’m sorry, I’m just having a hard time finding an answer. I just started using Anki for school and for language learning. I studied all of my words for today, but I wanted to study a bit extra.

My “Español Deck” has around 90 cards, which have been reviewed and are also tagged if that changes anything, so I go to create a custom study > Study by card state or tag > All review cards in random order/All cards in random order ( don’t reschedule) > I select my tags > and then I get a custom study session with three random cards. I tried to look at these cards to see if there’s anything special about them, but they’re tagged the same as all of the other cards in their subsets.

I just don’t know how to get the other cards into the custom study session. I only have two tags for my cards so far. This is the string for the custom study:

I appreciate any help that you can offer.

The easiest way of using filtered decks is clicking on any deck and then on “Custom study”, at the bottom of the screen. From there you can choose between different common presets, maybe one of them will work for you.

On the other hand, and even if you don’t really need the brackets in this case, your search string on your screenshoot seems to be OK, assuming you’re using the right tags. But if all you want to do is review all cards on your “Español” deck, a simple “deck:Español” search ahould work.

Finally, here are some more things you can try, in particular #2 and #3:

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You can click on Search to reveal the search in the Browse screen, and use ‘show any excluded’ to show cards that can’t be included (such as ones that are suspended or in a different filtered deck)

Hi Damien,

a user just contacted me because of a similar issue to the one reported here. She was unable to create a custom deck for a certain tag. Anki would always tell her that no cards could be found for this search term. This seemed wrong because I could find them in the browser easily.

After spending around 30 minutes looking for an answer the reason was that these cards were excluded because they were in learning (is:learn).

To be honest I do not understand the reason for this exclusion and it seemed like a bug to me. Especially if people just want to study ALL cards with a certain tag before an exam cards that are in learning should be shown as well.

From a ux perspective it would probably also be better if it was made more explicit that in addition to the filter terms there are other additional criteria that Anki applies. At this time they are invisible until you click on “Show any excluded” and even then it took me some time to realize that these search criteria were applied additionally. :+1:

Learning cards are only excluded in the v1 scheduler, because they’d otherwise be reset.