Is there a way to create a filtered deck or custom study session of just learning / relearning cards?

How do I make a filtered deck or custom study session that only includes cards that are in the “learning” stage?

Extrapolating from is:due and is:new I would guess that the search term would be is:learning, but that doesn’t seem to work.

(Related to my question here.

is:learn. As @Nici said in the other thread, it’s all documented in Searching - Anki Manual.

Hm. When I try to make a filtered deck, with just the query is:learn, it doesn’t match any cards, even though when I search is:learn from the browsing page, many cards come up.

Appears to have been solved in How do I create a custom study session of all the cards to see today that match a particular tag? - #6 by elit