Trouble creating filtered deck

I am having trouble creating filtered decks from the tags under Anking, even though these cards are “due”. This is the study method I like to use when first learning information. Since I’m not able to create filtered decks, I’ve been rescheduling my cards instead, but that isn’t helpful as they count as “new” cards and my review count builds up. I attached a screenshot of what pops up every time I try to make a filtered deck. Any help is appreciated!

If I understand what you are saying correctly, then it may be that you are using the old scheduler, which doesn’t support filtering with learning cards.

See the link in that thread to read about the new scheduler, including how to enable it and the caveat about it’s resetting currently learning cards.

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Thank you for the help! Just to confirm, is it the Anki 2.1 beta scheduler I would have to use?

That’s correct. Please be aware that activating the new scheduler will reset any cards currently in the learning state. It is just a one-time thing.

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