Basic Filtered Decks in 2.1

Started using Anki to learn languages lately. Lots of hobby time with COVID and his new variations.

Anyway, the joke out there must be that you should have an Anki deck just to study Anki, because since I started, I spent more time than anything figuring out why things don’t work as expected. There are these videos out there (Anking) but the guy literally should make videos to explain his tutorials. That’s what happen when you are trying to learn the alphabet from someone typing at 100 key strokes a minute.

Bottom line: I am still facing ridiculous blockers and bad surprises every day. I am at the level to look at the source code but that stuff is built in rust/python/you name it so it’s not so straightforward.

For example: in the 2.1 scheduler, I create a filtered deck with tags (the extension to do that from browse crashes btw). Then I want to use a specific scheduler for it, but there is apparently no way to assign a different scheduler to a filtered deck? Assuming that the main deck is my “collection of cards”, everything I filter is my way to study one thing at a time. And I want to be able to do that at different frequencies. Grammar much faster than sentences. Today I need to create multiple decks (or sub decks) but that 's not as versatile as filtering on deck for each purpose (very static unless you move cards.)

Maybe I need to learn a new way of learning?