Problems with filtered deck

Hi guys!

I have some problems with creating a filtered deck. I made a deck with several tags. So i usually learn and review the cards by tags, but in the last days Anki does not show all of the cards in the filtered deck (i think it only shows the cards which are due today, the older ones not). I already uninstalled all add-ons, but they are not causing the problem. :frowning:

How can i solve this problem? :slight_smile:

I assume you rebuild the filtered deck each time. What is the definition/search parameters for the filtered deck?

Yes, i always create such a deck, learn it and then i do it with another tag and so on.
And when i make it with new cards it does show all the new cards, but when i learn them it puts the cards back in the original deck (but they still remain “new” even if i just learned them). If i do so in the original deck, then there is no problem. :frowning:

When i make the deck i just click on the tag and set the cards to 9999 to show all of them.

Search for deck with new cards:
deck:“PM 6::Molekularbiologie” is:new (tag:“DNA-Replikation” or tag:“DNA-Schäden” or tag:“Zellzyklus”)

tags are in German :slight_smile:

  1. What subjects do you study?
  2. Why do you use Filtered deck? It is an advanced feature and i already see the mistakes you have made.
  3. Can you show the Decks screen?