Problem with creating a filtered deck

Dear Anki Community,

i have a problem creating a filtered deck. I work with tags (+add-on: Hierarchical tags). For example, whenever I want to study only one specific tag, I only see 31 out of a possible 45 cards. Sometimes with other tags all cards are shown. I have already checked if I have named the tags wrong. This is not the case. The only thing I noticed is that the cards that are not shown are mostly cards from my main deck that are currently to be learned. But that should not be a problem, or am I wrong?

Do you have any ideas what I can do?

Thanks for your help!

Please see this post from yesterday:

I have the same problem and I read that post and nothing is found for solve that.
I have any card suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck and anki only shows some of them that have the selected tag, maybe for be studied before.