Issue Making Filtered Decks

Hello! I’ve been using Anki for a few years now so I am familiar with the platform. I am hoping that I’ve overlooked something and that this will be a quick fix.

My goal is randomize my review cards. I previously used the HoochieMama add-on prior to the Anki 2.0 update. I then switched to using filtered decks which worked well for a while. Now, after several months of not using Anki regularly, I am unable to create filtered decks. I continue to get the error message seen below.

I’m currently running Version 2.1.35 (84dcaa86). I’ve also included my Review settings below in case that is the problem.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

As the error message says, your search doesn’t match any cards. Maybe you don’t have any due cards in the Default deck or something?
You can use the same search criteria in the browser to make sure that it actually matches something.

I wish I didn’t have any due cards! lol

I’m not sure what’s different about this particular deck that’s causing the problem. I have no issues creating filtered decks for the other decks I have downloaded, but this new deck is giving my trouble. Certain sub-decks in this new deck work perfectly fine while others give me the error message I sent earlier. Could it have anything to do with if being a shared deck?

Did you test the search text in the browser (The browser can be accessed from the Browse button in the main window). This can help reveal the issue.

Also test with the search text deck:"Default" and make sure that you actually have cards in this deck.

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As you haven’t enabled the 2.1 scheduler, any cards that are currently in learning will not be matched when creating the filtered deck.