Filtered deck by "order added" issue/fail !!!

Hi there. I’m trying to create a filtered deck by creation date. I selected the deck location and also selected “order added”. But the end result is again a mixed batch of cards and not by the creation date. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? (Thanks in advance :grinning:)

Do you have the same problems with the v3 scheduler?

Yes I changed to V3 scheduler but the issue remained.

Please describe the exact steps you’re taking so I can try to replicate the problem with a copy of your collection.

I have an old anki deck called "my sketchy” which I have forgotten. I would like to create a filtered deck in which it shows me the cards by the order added i.e. the order in which they were created so I can do my review in the order they were added. Kindly help me achieve that because all my tries failed.

You’ve hit a corner case that Anki can’t deal with at the moment. The cards have a due date older than the time your collection was created, which prevents the order from being assigned. If you use ‘set due date’ to make them due today, or reset them to new, you should then find the order in the filtered deck is correct.

(In case you weren’t aware, the majority of cards in that deck are suspended, and won’t be included unless you unsuspend them first).

Thanks. I suspended them myself in order to try to unsuspend and do them in order. So you mean if I move the cards to the deck they were originally in then they can filtered according due date, ??

If you reset the cards to new or use ‘set due date’ to make them due today, you should find they display in the correct order in a filtered deck made after that.

Ok great thanks a lot. But if I set a due date the cards will still retain their interval I.e. they don’t go back from a mature card to learning or new. Is that right?

If I recall correctly, they’ll retain their interval but lose any bonus they’d get for being answered late.

It works perfectly now. Thank you so much

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