Order cards in review by date/time created (added) doesn't work

I was trying to follow the recommendations from here:

And I found it’s not working (though seemingly has to be) on latest Anki Desktop (as well as AnkiDroid).

the cards are shown in a random order (or sorted maybe by some other algorithm) but NOT in the order they were added (in spite of settings)! If I reset the progress (i.e. make the cards new ones) - then the order they are shown obeys the settings (show in the order added)

Can you reproduce the issue with the v3 scheduler?

I was on v.3 scheduler when found this.
Then switched to v.2 and got same results.
On AnkiDroid also tried v.2 on and off

I can’t reproduce this. I opened the Filtered Deck 12:42 you created, turned on the v3 scheduler, and the cards appear for review in the order of their card ids (the order the cards were created). I suspect you’re looking at the ‘created’ column in the Browse screen, which is the note creation time, which may differ if templates were added later.

You are right. Didn’t know that’s note creation column.

Card creation time sequence is the same as card ID ascending sequence.

But if I sort by Note creation time column, it’s again the same as card’s creation time (and card ID ascending) sequence. How can that be?

BTW to sort by Note creation time I use Advanced Browser addon so that may be its internal thing, not Anki’s own.

Also, when I forget my cards (or reset progress on Ankidroid), i.e. make them new cards again, and begin to study them - they appear in the order the Created column sorts them! (i.e. in spite of Card ID sequence).

The setting for the deck is also (as for the filtered deck) in order added (or oldest cards first in the new deck settings panel), but in fact, they display in different order.

I need this for Cloze Overlapper cards, to appear in required sequence. But I don’t want to every time reset them to new status and lose the ‘about right’ learning order and stats.

Of course for the normal cards this playing with order is counterproductive. But Cloze Overlapper (as well as Cloze Anything, Cloze Hide All etc similar addons) sets of cards are specific, they are more like a single meta-card, so it’s important that they are not torn apart and even randomized.

Below is the screenshot to explain (hopefully) the situation:

PS: what is the recommended way to get such cards displayed during study in their logical order (i.e. cloze-ol 1, then …2 etc to …21), without resetting and losing learning info?

Once a card is studied, Anki forgets its original position. When you reset cards, it orders them in the order the cards were originally added. There’s an add-on that can change the card creation times to assign them a different order.

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Thanks for the hints!

Right, and then, the reset (forgotten) cards appear strictly in the order they are when they are sorted by ‘Created’ in the browser! (In my situation exactly as I’d like them to). And as you said before, that’s not CARD’s but NOTE’s creation time.
Also, if so, then they are NOT in the order of ‘date added’ understood as CARD creation time (which shares the same sequence as Card ID) as they should as you mentioned in the above comment.
And when I make a filtered (or custom study) deck and set the order for the cards to appear to (the same) ‘date added’ - then, in turn, the order of cards displaying in the test sessions follows the sequence of Card creation time / Card ID ascending (this time exactly as you said above).
Again, when I forget cards and study them as ‘new’ cards (with settings in the deck also to show cards in ‘date added’) - then their display follows different (to filtered deck’s) sequence - this time it’s the ‘Creation’ field (=Note creation ascending; but in fact it’s the same single note with the same single creation date!) as shown in browser (since it also follows the order of card names from ‘ol 1’ to ‘ol 21’, I may suppose this field is the second sort field in the browser - and in test session display order - given that Note creation is the same for all these cards).

To conclude: the same option ‘order by date added’, when active, produces different results in filtered and in regular (in regular decks the order is applied only to ‘new’ cards) decks. The reason: different rendering of ‘date’ - it’s card creation / card id value in the first case, and note creation datetime (+maybe some additional sort field) in the second.
Is that statement correct?

I tried this addon, but it doesn’t reset the card creation time (it stays the same), instead it changes the time of note creation. + it doesn’t follow the order the notes are currently displayed in the browser (as the original addon was intended to behave) and gives the notes random (not sequential) times of their creation so a user can’t set the desired creation order even for notes (no matter he/she might need to change the note creation time for, I never needed to change NOTE’s creation time).

Normal decks have no ‘order by created’ option. They rely on due/position being set prior. The “order added” option in filtered decks uses the note creation time, which is what is also used to determine the order due/positions are assigned when you toggle a deck to random and back again.

Thanks, I see that the suggested ‘bug’ I found isn’t actually the bug but the result of a deeper and more complex logic inside Anki’s mechanisms which I don’t quite understand, hopefully yet.

I understood you in general, but one question remains, please make it clear if possible:
When I set in options for ‘normal’ deck the parameter ‘Insertion order’ for New cards to ‘Sequential (oldest cards first)’ (or, with Shift+Options old regime - ‘Order - New cards - Show new cards in order added’) - what date (time) is taken as the basis for ordering? From what I see in test sessions, it’s not the card creation time or (equal) card ID sequence. And the cards I use belong to a single note (so the note creation time is the same for all the cards). The order is the same as when I sort these cards in browser by ‘Created’ (=Note creation time).

(For the filtered decks - in my case it isn’t as you said, cards in test sessions appear not in the order as when sorted in browser by ‘Created’ (which is note creation time - but again, how do the cards sort in any order here if there’s single note with single datetime?). In filtered decks, cards show in test in the sequence of ‘Card created datetime’ (the same as ‘Card ID’) sequence - I even checked it manually))

May it be that my decks behave differently due to different regional parameters? Mine are set to Chinese…

When switching from random back to ordered, cards are given due #s in the creation order of their notes. All cards of a note get the same due #. When sorting by due, cards with the same due # are then sorted by card template. This doesn’t happen when using the ‘added’ order, but maybe it should.

I see, thanks for the explanation.

Please consider this as a possible change in one of future releases.
(If there are reasons for it to be implemented, of course)

I can’t think of a reason not to, so this will be in the next beta.