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I want my cards to be shown in chronological order no matter what

I’m aware this is probably an extreme noob question and I apologise if I’m wasting your time.
What I want is whether I am starting afresh or reviewing cards in the decks I make I would like it so that Anki makes me learn or review them in chronological order ( ie the first card I literally made appears first, the second appears second , the third appears third and so on)

I’m guessing there is a simple way to do this but don’t know how

Any help around this would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks a lot


I don’t know if reviews are affected but you can show new cards after reviews and show new cards in order added.

For new cards:

Anki won’t show you the review cards in chronological order, SRS just don’t work that way. However, you can experiment with some options:


Thanks for the response. It still is not working as I intend. Right now, I aim to frequently reset my deck of cards and have them appear in chronological order from first created to last created. Sounds silly, but that’s how I am learning at the moment. However, your advice is not working. When I reset my cards they appear in a random order

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I cannot find a settings section called “display order”. Where is that? I have gone to both preferences and the options icon at the side of the decks and I have tried on both phone and mac to no avail

It’s under deck options.

V3 scheduler offer more options than V2 scheduler. I recommend you to upgrade (if you’re not up to date) and using V3 scheduler.

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