Hi I need some help

I am having 15000 cards
I used Anki reschedular

Despite all my efforts
The cards I made freshly keep coming up rather than my previous cards which I have already in my deck

Some one pls help

if you mean the cards that you have reviewed before aren’t showing soon, that’s how SRS works.

if you mean you have OLD new cards and also you have created FRESH new cards, and anki is showing you the FRESH new cards before OLD new cards, you can set order in deck options (press “O” on deck overview) on “new cards in order added”. in this way older new cards will show first.

if you want them to be random, but you have created FRESH new cards, here’s what is said in anki manual:

Order controls whether Anki should add new cards into the deck randomly, or in order. When you change this option, Anki will re-sort the decks using the current option group. One caveat with random order mode: if you review many of your new cards and then add more new cards, the newly added material is statistically more likely to appear than the previously remaining cards. To correct this, you can change the order to ordered mode and back again to force a re-sort.

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the last box is exactly what’s happening , where is the order button for me to make it ordered pls

Click on the gear icon next to name of the deck then select “Options” to open deck options (Or simply press “O” on deck overview).
i have marked where order is in screenshot in previous post

just a last follow up, every time I add a card , or a bunch of cards I should go to the order and resort it once , am I getting this right

if you want them to be ordered, they will be ordered no matter how many cards you add.

if you want them to be random, every time you add some new cards, you have to change to ordered and then back to random or the FRESH new cards will be shown before the OLD new cards

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