Trying to reset flashcards and reintroduce slowly

Hi everyone!

First time poster here.
I made 1 deck with 6 subdecks back in 2016. Each subdeck has about a thousand cards. within each subdeck, cards are tagged by their chronological chapter number

I haven’t actively reviewed these cards since 2017, but I’m now trying to relearn this information.

Is there a way that I can reset the setting so that none of the cards are due. AND only review cards from select chapters (or tags)??
My goal is to eventually relearn every card, but I have to start in a chronological order.

I know I have an older version of Anki because it continually asks if I want to update it whenever I open the application, but I’m not sure what version of Anki I have (if that’s relevant)

Greatly Appreciate all feedback!!

If you reschedule the cards to the new queue, they will be shown to you gradually and in order. You will lose all of your review progress but since you have last studied them in 2017, that’s probably for the best.
To reschedule your cards, go to the browser, select the appropriate deck and make sure the cards are shown in the correct order. Then, right click a card and select “Reschedule…”->“Place at end of new queue”->“OK”. Use the options for new cards to control how many new cards are shown per day and make certain that they are shown in order.

oh ok sweet. So I can go to all the cards with a certain tag. select them all --> reschedule --> place at end of new queue.
Only problem is that basically every card in the entire deck is in the “Due” category because it hasn’t been reviewed since 2017. So how do I clear the “Due” cache so that I only study the rescheduled cards?

Thank you!

They are due because you have learned them, i.e. Anki moved them from the learn queue (illustrated blue in Anki) to the review queue (green). If you follow my instructions above, they will be moved back to the learn queue and the green numbers will disappear.

I think I understand. But that would move ALL cards in the deck into the New/Learn queue…right?

The issue with that is the volume of the cards would be too large, and I’m specifically trying to relearn the cards chapter by chapter just to keep it at a manageable volume/pace (each chapter has unique tag).

Ultimately, Is it possible to reset the settings and just introduce cards into learning & review queue’s chapter by chapter?

Thanks for the help!

Edit oct-21. Anki version is under Help. ( I am a regular user).
Do not update to the latest version - stay 2-3 ver behind.
See the post #-8 for /dae suggestion.

  1. You can reset one deck at a time; i think it is a good idea bec you may decide to NOT reset all decks.

  2. After resetting, the cards will become NEW;
    EDIT Oct-22:
    Your reviewed cards become New cards; you will have ONE set of cards.
    Start reviewing.

  3. The History of repetitions will not affect you. But you can look at it and see how you performed 4y ago and may decide to change steps and intervals.

  4. Before resetting, you can look at your retention – not only for the whole collection but also for any interval range, like 100-200. or 600-700. You may spot some bad intervals ( like a few users noted that they had a drastic reduction ( in Retention) around 90 days.

PS. If you decide to try one chapter - to review without resetting, i can give you some tips.

PPS. It is worth to read the old Manual ( at the bottom - FAQ).

Crap. I updated to the latest version yesterday.

I was thinking that a possible workaround (not sure if it’s possible) would be to create a new deck and import the cards with a specific tag (how I differentiate chapters) into the new deck. And I could import each chapter sequentially over time. Because I don’t want to study every chapter all at once.

Is it possible to do this?

Vit: I’m not sure that’s a particularly useful recommendation in this case, as the last ~5 releases have primarily been fixing bugs, and 2-3 versions ago will likely be worse.

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Thank you for the advice.

This is my preference. I would rather have ‘invisible’ bugs then being forced to figure out which add-on ( i use 40 of them) freezes the screen.
Also, I am waiting for the add-on authors to update their add-ons – October is the new cycle start.

Makes no sense.
This workflow would do:

  1. Select a deck
  2. Reset it
  3. Start your reviews.
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