Having Anki show recently repeated cards first (re-learning abandoned deck)

Dear all

I have recently started to dive into an old deck of mine that I abandoned a few years ago.

How can I force the algorithm to prioritize recently repeated cards over the rest of the (old) deck?

The problem seems to be that all my cards are due. So in every study session, Anki shows me “new” ancient cards. I would much rather see my recently repeated cards first so I can make them stick before I get my head around further old cards.

Is there an easy workaround to accomplish this?

Please excuse if the answer is in the manual and I did not see it. I only saw the repeated advice to stick to the algorithm and not resetting the whole deck. I am willing to do that but it seems quite frankly grotesque to study a couple ancient cards every day. By the time I am finished I will have already forgotten all the recent repetitions.

If I have to redo some old deck I tend to suspend all due cards. Then manually un-suspend a small number of them daily.
By doing this I am keeping a healthy daily backlog of cards to review and gradually move through the old ones.

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With the v3 scheduler, in deck options under “Display Order” try setting “Review Sort Order” to “Ascending intervals”. It’s not exactly the same as sorting by most recently reviewed, but I think it’ll get you closer than the default behavior (“Due date, then random”)

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