Bug?: Anki always shows repetitions first no matter the settings

In the settings are three options:

  1. mix new cards and repetition cards (Neue Karten und Widerholungen mischen)
    2 show new cards after repetition cards (Zeige neue Karten nach Wiederholungen)
  2. show new cards before repetition cards (Zeige neue Karten vor den Wiederholungen)

I tried all three options. Even when I have set “show new cards before repetitions”, Anki is only showing repetition cards.

There are about 210 Cards in the deck. Anki is only showing about 30 repetition cards.
Deck settings: New cards/Day: 200 (Neue Karten/Tag)
Max. repetitions/day: 2000 (Max. Wiederholungen/Tag)

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Anki Version 2.1.49 in German

Those settings control how reviews are shown. Learning cards that are due are shown before all other cards.

Thank you for your answer. If I understand right ,new cards (never shown) have no due date/time and are therfore shown last. This effect is problematic for me: If I have to learn a lot in limited time for an exam, this can lead to the effect, that I know half of the cards perfect and half of the cards not at all. I would feel more confident if I would know all cards in medium quality. Is there a workaround solution for me? Can I set all new cards due?

You can use a filtered deck with filter "deck: Your deck" is:new.
See Filtered Decks - Anki Manual.

That’s not what he said. You are relatively free to decide in which order new (blue counter) and review cards (green counter) are shown. But learning cards (red counter) that are due on the same day after they’ve been reviewed are always shown first. That’s not customisable.
Also see Getting Started - Anki Manual.


Thank you very much Rumo! :slight_smile: