Bug? Anki doesn't show due cards first

Hi everyone,

I want to repeat the due cards first, but unfortunately Anki wants me to go through the learn cards instead and shows me the due cards after I finish or skip the red cards / cards to learn.

In the settings I chose show new cards after due cards (Reihenfolge Neu/Wiederholung → Nach Wiederholung anzeigen)

Still, Anki doesn’t want to show the cards that are due first.

Do you have any ideas what to do so that Anki makes me learn due cards (green) first, then the cards to learn (red) and then the new ones (blue)?

Anki version 23.12.1 (1a1d4d54) in german

Anki treats small steps and steps that cross a day boundary differently. With small steps, the cards are shown as soon as the delay has passed, in preference to other waiting cards like reviews. This is done so that you can answer the card as closely to your requested delay as possible. In contrast, if the interval crosses a day boundary, it is automatically converted to days.

Day Boundaries

Learning Steps

Relearning Steps

Hello, is there any way I can review the green cards first before the red ones? please check the settings that I have done in the below screenshot, it’s still showing me the red cards first instead of the green cards.

Anki shows me all my red cards before the new ones. How do I make the new ones come first?

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