How to reset all cards so they are new? (rec'd collection of decks from friend)

How do I reset all my cards so they are like new? I received a collection of decks from a friend (by email, privately - he didn’t share it publically through Anki), and when the cards imported to Anki, they retained his review history, review dates, etc.
I found “Reposition” which reset only the due dates. The cards still have his history of correct/incorrect answers, etc.
I saw a YouTube video about “Reschedule” (in an Anki Edit menu); but I cannot find this option anywhere. I’m using Anki on my desktop, and I have not downloaded the decks to AnkiDroid on my cell phone yet.

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Go into the browser → select all cards → right click → forget. Make sure to check “reset repetition and lapse counts”.


Thanks! I was able to “forget” all my cards, and they all changed from “Due” to New"!

I wish Anki had basic instructions for beginners, including a glossary with definitions of terms (like “forget”). I had seen “Forget” as an option, but I couldn’t find anything that said what it does. So, I was hesistant to try it until I saw your recommendation.

Thanks again!

I’ll leave you the manual for next time:


I don’t believe this does what OP asked for. (“The cards still have his history of correct/incorrect answers, etc.” “How do I reset all my cards so they are like new?”)

Using Forget with “Reset repetition and lapse counts” does indeed set the card’s Reviews and Lapses counts to 0 and the due date to “New”, but that is all it does. It does not wipe out any of the other information found in the Info screen. (Edit: comparing Info display before and after a “forget and reset”, the lines for Due, Interval, Stability, Difficulty, Retrievability all disappear (I have turned FSRS on), whereas a value for Position newly appears, presumably as a result of “Restore original position where possible” being checked.)

So a “forgotten and reset” card with “Reviews = 0” will still have dates of First Review and Latest Review, plus the complete chronological log of all reviews from first to latest, with timestamps. (i.e., the previous user’s history mentioned by OP)

“Forgotten and reset” cards with this retained history can be found by searching for
is:new prop:reps=0 prop:lapses=0 introduced:999999

This incomplete resetting is not a recently introduced bug (or feature), because I have some cards that were “forgotten and reset” in August 2022, which are found with the above search. But I know I did another earlier mass “forget and reset” in January 2022, and those cards are not found with the above search, so I suppose they were indeed truly reset. Unfortunately, I’m not sure which versions of Anki I was using at the time.

I am pretty sure that FSRS analyzes the review logs to determine appropriate intervals? I turned on FSRS and have had “forgotten and reset” cards instantly jump to Hard = Maximum Interval, Good = Maximum Interval on the first subsequent review. So it seems there is a problem. (I might have been mistaken about that last part)

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Well, if you are still unsure, then you could ask your friend to export the deck in .apkg with the following options

Unsure if this solves the problem mentioned above

Yes, for earlier Anki versions, the sharer should export without scheduling. As of Anki 23.10, you can choose this at import time.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m totally lost in this app. I can’t even find where to enter the search you mentioned. But I do remember seeing somewhere in the app that a few fields were still populated with old information after I performed the “forget” function on all my cards.
I wish there was an “Anki app for Dummies” section in the one of the manuals for novices like me (there also appear to be multiple manuals for Anki with different content).

I saw no choice to import without scheduling. Perhaps this is because the collection of decks was sent to me by email (rather than being shared through the Anki app)? I tried it more than once and looked for every possible option…

I’ll see if my friend can resend me the collection of decks with the parameters you specified.
If that doesn’t work, I suppose I’ll just use the cards as they are. I guess this means that their review order/frequency will be affected by the leftover data that didn’t get deleted with the “forget” command. Not ideal, but at least I was able to reset some of the data…

It’s probably a moot point now, but the search I mentioned could simply be copy-pasted into the Browse window text input line (the main part of it, not the Sidebar filter), and then just hit Enter.

Ohhh, I tried pasting it there, and I thought it didn’t work because there was no change on the screen. But now I realize that was because all the cards have previous data, so all the cards were included in the search results. Just now, I changed the query (changed “lapses” from “0” to “100”), and all of the data (cards listed) disappeared.
Thanks for your help.

If you are on 23.10, when you import a deck you will get a screen with the option “include progress” or something similar just before starting the import process. If that is not checked, you should get the deck without scheduling and previous progress.


Thanks everyone! It appears to have worked – at least for the card history. I must have imported it differently previously, because this time when I imported I saw the option to not include the progress (but my friend had removed the progress before sending it to me this time, so it was probably not necessary).
But I was surprised to see that it imported the stats on how many times he hit each answer button, the average time it took him to answer questions, etc.


This is probably from the first deck which you imported with scheduling information. I assume you have deleted the deck afterwards, but this doesn’t get rid of the review history.

You can use the following add-on to remove the old history after an accidental import:

I got everything to work (including getting rid of the imported scheduling info), and here’s how I did it:
I created a new (additional) profile and deleted my old profile. Since I hadn’t really started using Anki yet, it was no problem to loose the 1 hour of “work” I’d done. Then I deleted my AnkiWeb account and created a new account. Then when I imported the cards again, the only info that was imported with the cards was the creation date of each card – and I’m glad this info was imported because it will allow me to know which cards I created (anything after today’s date) and which cards I imported from my friend.
Btw, when I imported the collection previously, I didn’t use the “Import” command in the “File” menu; rather, I "clicked on the file in Windows explorer; so I think this is why I was not given the option to import without card data.
Thanks again to everyone for their helpful suggestions!
This forum is a blessing!

Thank you! I saved this info in case I need it in the future.

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