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Resetting decks on Anki?

I have lots of decks that have lengthly time periods for each card before the next review. I have forgotten lots of the content on the cards and was wondering if anyone knew how to reset a deck so the cards go back to learning?
for context I use the desktop version of Anki.

You could always go into the Browser and in the top search bar type: is:review. This will give you all the cards you’ve reviewed at least once. From there you can just select all the ones you want to reset and right click them:

If you’re running 2.1.45 you can select Forget and just reset them completely, if not you can select due date and select when you want to see them again, but this will give you a lot of cards if what you have is many reviews and they’ll go according to the interval you select.
Good luck!


Forget works with Anki 2.1.44 too:


Select your deck on the sidebar, hit Ctrl+A to select all cards and right click → forget.


brilliant thank you!

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