How to reset an entire deck to brand new?


I searched this question on this website but couldn’t find my answer. I am wanting to reset my deck(s) as if they are brand new. I recently watched YouTube videos on how to improve my Anki game but I need to treat these cards as if they are new (that, and I haven’t studied in a while lol).

You can go in the Browser, select all your cards, right click, then click on Forget (or Cards > Forget), and check Reset repetition and lapse count, then Ok.


Thank you. I’ll try this after manually backing up my deck(s). I read on here how “forgetting” cards caused them to mess up.

When I “forget” them the deck says “congratulations, you finished this deck for now”. How do I get around that?

In the deck options the number of new cards per day is maybe set to 0?

No, I have it set to 20 new cards a day. When I forget the deck it shows everything complete. The same result when I reset. The only thing that works is when I change the “set due date” to 0. But that’s not the same thing as making the cards “new”.

Nevermind, problem sovled.

I was running an old version of Anki. I updated to the most recent stable release (2.1.49) and now the “forget” option works as it should.

My bad :laughing:

Never mind, still happening even after updating to the most recent release.

I have no idea why hitting “forget” causes me to get the “Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.” screen.

So annoying.

I would guess that would be today only. I suggest you wait to try again tomorrow, unless someone else has another idea.

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