How to reset deck with new 2.1.43 version?

Hey there! I downloaded the 2.1.43 anki version recently. I’m starting dedicated for step 2 and I’m trying to reset my Tzanki deck but I can’t find the reschedule command. Can someone please provide the command to reset my deck?

What do you mean by resetting a deck and why do you want to do it?

I want to start the deck from fresh, like it’s my first time seeing it. I have 4 weeks to prepare for the step and some of the cards I used for my last shelf I want to see again before then. Do you know the correct command to accomplish this?

You could study the deck with a filtered deck or reschedule them all for today. Then you wouldn’t completely lose all your progress.
But if you’re sure: Open the browser, click the deck in the sidebar, select all cards (Ctrl+A), right-click > Forget.


Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your help!!

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