Cant reset deck without maintaining original card order

Im trying to reset a deck because I haven’t reviewed it in a very long time. the only option that I have for reseting the deck is by highlighting the cards and selecting “forget”. It forgets the card and tags them back to new but the order for the cards is different than the order that I received/made the deck. I considered just re-downloading the deck but I’ve amended and added new cards to the deck.I am trying to find a way to change the deck back to them being new cards but in a way that will maintain the order of the cards in which the deck was originally made in.

Open the browser
Select the deck from the sidebar
Forget the cards (This may be unnecessary because using “Reposition” might forget the cards too, but I’m not sure)
Sort by “Created”
Make sure the order is correct
Select all cards (Ctrl + A)
Use Reposition

This may or may not work unfortunately. Anki forgets the original positions when cards are answered. It can restore cards to the order they were created, but that’s not necessarily the same as the positions the cards came in.