Reset deck and get the cards in the original position

I am trying to reset a deck and I want the cards to show in the same position as when I created them, but it’s not working. I tried to select all the cards then press on Forget and then reposition but still not working.

Older Anki versions did not record the original positions when cards were first reviewed. If it’s missing, the best approximation you can get is to sort cards by their creation date in the browse screen and then reposition them, which will put them in creation order.

How can I sort cards by their creation date in the browse screen? Also when reposition te card show I chose 0 to 1 step?

If you right click on the column headers, you can reveal the creation header, then click on it to sort. The step should be left to the default value.

I can’t find this option in my Anki

The default columns are Sort Field, Card, Due and Deck, seen above the list of cards. You’ll want to sort by Note Modified. More info can be found here:

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