Forget button, wich option should I pick that it actually resets it?

Hello! I want to reset the cards (in total 6000) of one deck, so that the card that I created first, appears first again and all of the memory is gone. Now when I click “forget” Anki gives me two options to check wich are “Restore the original position if possible” and “Reset repetitions and clear counts”. Do you know wich one to pick? I already tried it with sigle cards and they unfortunaly get reset to a new card, wich has been created after all ofthe other cards (new#6001). I would be super happy if somebody could help me! Thankyou!!

Seems like you need to forget (Reset repetitions and clear counts) and switch the display order or use Reposition

If you select multiple cards, the due numbers they’re given will be in the order the cards were originally created in.

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