Reset card options

I’m confused about what either option is supposed to be.

I believe that “forget” in the manual is equivalent to “reset”, the more appropriate term, which hasn’t been updated. But the 2nd option that comes up is

“Reset repetition and lapse count”, which according to another forum post converts the card into a “new” card. But I thought that is what the “reset” option does. So what happens if I don’t choose this? According to the manual, " if enabled, will set the review and failure counters for the card back to zero." Which again, to me sounds like it is being converted to a new card which is the point of “reset”.

“restore original position where possible”- if I don’t select the other option, and so it is not converted into a new card, then what does this do?

If I do select the other option and do not select this one, where does it go? At the end of all the “New” cards in my collection?

I think your original understanding was mostly correct, and you’re getting yourself turned around in that wording.

In that other post when dae said:

The feature turns cards back into new cards

– he was talking about “Forget” – Browsing - Anki Manual.

But when he said:

the option you are talking about just controls what happens to the existing counters

– he was talking about “Reset repetition and lapse count.”

You can see the difference easiest on in the Card Info. When you “Forget” a card – Anki doesn’t erase all of the information in the review database about the card, it just sets today as a brand new starting point. The card will be New (instead of Review), it will have a New-queue-# (instead of a due date), and when it is eventually introduced again, it will go through the initial learning steps.

That option to reset the counters only controls whether “Reviews” and “Lapses” (in the top section) are reset to 0.



Why doesn’t Anki just erase everything? There are a lot of other things that depend on those review logs – like how much time you spent studying on March 17th – or what hours of the day you get the most cards correct. If you want to erase a card’s existence completely, it’s a much bigger deal than just starting it over. (Perhaps that sheds some light on why the command is for Anki to “forget” the progress you’ve made studying the card?)

That is about what New-queue # the card will get. Yes, it will get the next highest position in the queue. Whether or not that is “the end” of your New cards depends on your New card gather order.


Thx for the help.

I think forget is reset?

Rename “Forget” to “Reset” (#3078) by @vasll in #3088

I don’t have an option for “Forget” anymore in my anki.

Version ⁨24.04.1 (ccd9ca1a)⁩
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1

:person_shrugging:t4: A rose by any other name …

I can’t update yet, so I still had my fingers crossed that rename wouldn’t make it through. Forget makes more sense to me than Reset.

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