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Improving "Forget"

Why doesn’t forget really forget the card. Wont it be good if it really resets the card? so that includes Lapses, history, number of reps

The ‘Reset’ function does not erase the history.

My suggestion is to Rename the ‘Forget’ to “Reset”. Reasons:

  1. There is no term called Reset in the Manual.
  2. “Forget” operation does reset the selected cards.
  3. Eliminates confusion.

I was asking for it to reset everything. literally everything related to the card. make it as if it is brand new

Or ‘Renew’? It actually move card state back to ‘new’.

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I want the same thing: to be able to erase everything including lapses.
A simple work-around is just to add a new card, copying all the fields, then delete the original. But that isn’t good if you want to batch forget.
But even better I would like to be able to manually adjust lapse counts. The card being a leech and knowing that I have missed the card a lot is sufficient. Overly high lapse numbers are meaningless and annoying.

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