Improving "Forget"

Why doesn’t forget really forget the card. Wont it be good if it really resets the card? so that includes Lapses, history, number of reps

The ‘Reset’ function does not erase the history.

My suggestion is to Rename the ‘Forget’ to “Reset”. Reasons:

  1. There is no term called Reset in the Manual.
  2. “Forget” operation does reset the selected cards.
  3. Eliminates confusion.

I was asking for it to reset everything. literally everything related to the card. make it as if it is brand new

Or ‘Renew’? It actually move card state back to ‘new’.


I want the same thing: to be able to erase everything including lapses.
A simple work-around is just to add a new card, copying all the fields, then delete the original. But that isn’t good if you want to batch forget.
But even better I would like to be able to manually adjust lapse counts. The card being a leech and knowing that I have missed the card a lot is sufficient. Overly high lapse numbers are meaningless and annoying.


“Forget” doesn’t reset the lapse count, which counts towards leeches. I find it necessary to use the “Reset Card Scheduling” addon instead.

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Bumping this thread.

@dae is it possible to add a way to completely reset a card natively through Anki?

I’ve recently changed the way I review my cards, in that I set a low leech threshold, such as 4, with auto suspend on, and if I get a leech, I reformat the card so that it’s better encoded and easier to learn, and then I click the “Forget” button on the card. However, I’ve noticed that clicking the “Forget” button doesn’t reset the lapses count in the card history, which I thought was pretty confusing with the “Forget” term being used.

I’ve also found in the code that it also continues to mark the card as leech and hence auto suspends the card after every 2 fails now. I’d like to reset the card so that it leeches after 4 fails as if it was a new card.

        # if over threshold or every half threshold reps after that
        if card.lapses >= lf and (card.lapses - lf) % (max(lf // 2, 1)) == 0:

I see in the above comment that Reset Card Scheduling - AnkiWeb “Reset Card Scheduling” addon seems to do exactly what I want, but I’m hesitant to use this as a long term solution since I would like to not rely on addons too much as they eventually end up being unmaintained or introduce other bugs/side effects that aren’t heavily tested as it would be if it were natively supported in Anki.

It would be nice to consider the above suggestions

  1. Rename “Forget” to something less confusing
  2. Add ability to completely reset card as if it was brand new

EDIT: Perhaps it’d be good if we can have more options on exactly what we want to reset. Rename “Forget” to “Reset Card” and have a dialog box that allows the user to reset leech count, ease factor, interval, etc, that way they can pick and choose exactly what they want

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I’ve added consider changes to 'forget' · Issue #1700 · ankitects/anki · GitHub as a reminder.

I’m not super keen on adding an option, as that changes an instantaneous action into one that requires confirmation. Maybe one alternative that might be worth considering is adjusting the leech triggering, so it doesn’t quicken the pace after the first trigger.