New undocumented optons: Forget Card

I’ve recently upgraded my Anki desktop app and am getting some new options when manually forgetting a card (browser > R click > forget).

Specifically I’m now getting the following popup:


I may’ve missed it, but it doesn’t look like the manual’s been updated to explain these options yet.

I think it’s great that some extra options are being added to further fine tune manually forgotten cards. I feel being able to mark cards as forgotten, when actually forgotten irl is an essential element to my being able to gain mastery over my material.

My questions are:

  1. what do these options do?

  2. how should these options most be effectively used in a workflow?

note: so this post can be searchable the window is titled Forget Card and the options are Restore original position where possible and Reset repetition and lapse counts


I’ve updated the docs.