"Reset repetition and lapse count"

From the Anki manual:
“The “Reset repetition and lapse count” option, if enabled, will set the review and failure counters for the card back to zero. It does not remove the review history that is shown at the bottom of the card info screen.”

This would be a great feature – but I doesn’t work, for me. Regardless of whether I select or deselect “reset repetition and lapse count” when trying the intervals appear to be reset (e.g. selecting good will show the card in <10 mins, and then 1 day).

Am I misunderstanding this feature or is this a bug on Version ⁨2.1.54?

My goal by forgetting a card, but not selecting “reset repetition and lapse count” is that I could review a card and select “good” and it would not automatically show me in 10 mins, and then in 1 day.

Thank you for your help!

The feature turns cards back into new cards; the option you are talking about just controls what happens to the existing counters. If your goal is to turn it into a review card, you can do that with ‘set due date’.

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