How to restore card's lapse and repetition counters

Last month I forgot some cards and reset their lapse and repetition counters (I shouldn’t reset the card’s lapse and repetition counters). Now I want to restore those counters, I mean, even though I chose to forget the cards, I want their lapse and repetition counters to include the review records from before I forgot the cards.

What should I do? Is there any addon or command to fix them? (I don’t want to use a backup because I’ve done a lot of reviews, and using a backup would make me lose these records.)

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A backup would be the only way to get those back. You probably need a backup from before you did the “Forget” so you can do it again and not reset the counters.

To minimize data loss, you can import that backup into a temporary profile, find the few notes/cards that you need, and export those alone. It’s possible that in order to import them into your main profile, you’ll need to delete those notes/cards first – otherwise I don’t know if the information will be considered “new” enough to update them. But try it first without deleting them to see?

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Alternatively, you can just leave them. The counters are just for information, and don’t influence the scheduling of the cards.

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I followed your steps, but I found that when I deleted those cards from my main profile, their review records remained in the database, so when I reimported them, those review records were merged with the review records of the cards I imported, which would make the counter of reviews in the card details inconsistent with the review records below.

Why are the review records for a card still retained after deleting the card? This is confusing me.

Did you delete the cards or the notes? If you deleted the notes, there shouldn’t be anything left, but I wonder if doing a Check Database in between would help make sure.

But as dae said – you don’t really need to restore those counters, so you could also just leave things as-is.

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