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I have never really used the filtered deck option but I was thinking it might save me from screwing myself over. Basically, I want to make a filtered deck with the new cards that would appear over the next week or whatever instead of just adding new cards to the deck. So I can satisfy my urge to study today without creating tons of reviews later.

I’m studying Korean from a pre made deck with thousands of cards.

So I used the option is:new to look for new cards and then “random” on the drop down. It found 100 cards. Looks good I think. I’m now wondering how Anki treats these cards I’m going to study. It’s not going to change their status so in fact I will have lots of review the same as if I had used the custom study to add 100 new cards today… right?

This filtered deck screen was opened using the shortcut “F”and it is different from “Custom Study” found In the deck

If the reschedule is enabled, then their status will change

Text explanation: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

Video explanation: Anki filtered decks: studying cards outside of schedule (exams, holidays) - YouTube

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I see the option now thanks.

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