A way to review the Cards I learned today?

I want to review the cards I learned today, just those new ones, again later in the same day.

Is there a way to do this/set this up? Thank you

You could use a Filtered Deck with this search filter: introduced:1

im new to the app, would you be able to elaborate? tyvm


Filtered decks offer a lot of possibilities. They can be used for previewing cards, cramming cards before a test, studying particular tags, catching up on a backlog with a particular sort order, reviewing ahead of schedule, going over the day’s failed cards, and more.

(From: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual)

To start creating a Filtered Deck, either go to Tools → Create Filtered Deck, or click F on your keyboard while in the main window.

You should then see a window similar to this one

Here you can change the parameters to fit your needs. E.g.

  • Search: in this case it is set to introduced:1. This ensures that only cards that were reviewed for the first time today will be included in the Filtered deck.
  • Limit to: in this case 100. The maximum number of cards to be included.
  • Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck: set this to Yes or No depending on your needs.

When you are satistified with your settings, click on ‘Build’ to create the Filtered deck.

The cards return to their original decks after you study them. If you want to start over, you can click on Rebuild to ‘refill’ the Filtered Deck.

If you need more infos and/or further help, please ask!

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Ah I see, lastly though how to I unclude certain or individual decks. As with just “introduced:1” it ads Newly learned from all decks. ty!

To only include certain decks, you need to modify the Search filter.

  • introduced:1 deck:"Deck 1" will only include cards that were introduced today that belong to Deck 1.
  • introduced:1 (deck:"Deck 1" or deck:"Deck 2" or deck:"Deck 3") will include cards that were introduced today that belong either to Deck 1, Deck 2 or Deck 3.
    (replace Deck 1, Deck 2 etc. with the names of the decks you want to study)

See this for more info about how Search filters work: Searching - Anki Manual

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tyvm got it!

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