Button for End-of-Day Review of New Cards

Could we have a quickly accessible button or option that allows us to review the new cards of the day one last time, even if their learning cycle is finished? This could be useful to review these newly learned cards one last time before going to sleep.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You can already do this using filtered decks.

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Use a filtered deck.

First Answered

cards answered for the first time today

I note that the syntax is rather inconsistent.

cards answered for the first time today

cards due tomorrow


Thanks, I just created a filtered deck following your recommendation, and it works well—I only see the new cards of the day.

However :frowning: it seems that this additional review alters the interval for the next review. Instead of being scheduled for tomorrow, Anki reschedules them for two days later. I would prefer if this final review in the evening didn’t postpone the next review date.

There is no need to create. But it will need to be rebuilt.


Sorry, I hadn’t seen all the options for the filtered deck. I wasn’t very familiar with this feature. Thanks to you, I can do exactly what I wanted! Anki is amazing, and so are you—thank you all!

You can enter any search query supported by ANKI into the filtered deck. You can get acquainted with the work of the search here:


Read all of the manual if possible. Who knows, you might be missing out on a lot of things. Also, I don’t think reviewing newly introduced cards at night is optimal. I have seen someone recommending using filtered decks for forgotten cards though. Anyways, IMO it’s much better to review things the next data as you’re retrieving info from your long-term memory then.

You can turn off reschedule-based-on. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual