How to get New cards only, not the Due cards

I have cards in various categories showing me numbers like New 25, Due 119, New 25, Due 125, etc. Is there a way to study only the New cards? I understand Anki is designed to use spaced repetition strategy, but sometimes I want to see just the New cards. Not delete the others, just push them aside for a while. TIA, everyone.

You can use Tools / Create Filtered Deck…

If you have a deck named Abc, then you can put
deck:Abc is:new
in the Search field of the filtered deck. You can also choose the Name, which by default will be Filtered Deck plus a timestamp.

You might want to sharply limit the number of cards (the default for filtered decks is 100), because all the new cards you study will need to be reviewed later.

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Thank you SO MUCH, kind teacher.

This might be helpful, even though it’s not exactly what you asked.

In the Deck Options, you can choose “New/review order: Show before reviews” (which means “Show new cards before reviews”). I’m not sure why they don’t word it more clearly.

I always use this setting because it makes a clear distinction between the “new cards” that I need to learn for the first time, compared to the “forgotten cards” that I fail to recognize even though I learned them before.

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Yes, that helps too. I didn’t realize that was a question I needed to ask, so I’m glad you divined what I needed to know and pointed it out. Thanks!

Maybe they didn’t word it more clearly because they didn’t realize that someone might want to do it that way. Anki has a heavy emphasis on spaced repetition as a learning strategy, which is great, but with thousands of cards to see it was slowing me down to be spending so much time on reruns.

If you feel you are seeing old cards too often, you might consider upgrading to the latest Anki version 23.10.1 if you don’t already have it. This lets you turn on the new FSRS scheduler, which is more efficient than the older schedulers.

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