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Hi everyone! I’d still learning to use all Anki tools, so I need some help here. Some days I have a lot to review and little time. What happens is that some decks containing notes to review also have new cards. Is there a way I can order Anki to present me only the cards to review? Because when I start studying the deck with cards to review, instead of showing me only the scheduled notes, Anki alternates new cards and cards to review. Thank you!

I think this function is only available if you activate the V3 scheduler (beta) from the preferences

You could also use a filtered deck, with a search filter of the like: deck:nameofyourdeck is:due

Or you could also go the deck’s options, set “New cards” to 0 temporarily, then change it back once you’re ready again to study new cards

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These seem to be simple solutions, thank you!


From the Help:

  • is:due
    review cards and learning cards waiting to be studied

There might be a bit of trickery involving something like:


However, I’ve done all my Learning cards for today, so I can’t test it.


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I think that if you want to exclude learning cards you must add -is:learn to the search filter