Have New cards appear ONLY after Learning/Reviews are fully complete?

I’m wondering if this is possible, currently the NEW cards start appearing as soon as you finish the Reviews (from that setting). But I hate how towards the end New cards start to show up when I’m still reviewing old stuff.

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Does this setting works for you? Deck Options - Anki Manual

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Ah you have to enable v3 for these new settings.

“New/Rievew Order” = Show after reviews, this seem like it’d be what I wish.

I’ve set it up and will see tomorow. thank you!

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Nope that doesn’t do it, I would need a “New Cards after Learning cards” option.

Right now it seems there’s only “new cards after (as soon as) reviews are complete”.

If I’m reading correctly, you can do Reviews after NEW, which would entirely separate them but I don’t like that process of new then reviews.

Well, then you could create a filtered deck and set Search to “is:new”. Then the new cards will be completely separated and you can learn them when you want. You can also create the filtered deck as a subdeck and place it behind your regular deck. After a new card will be learnt it will return to your regular deck automatically.

I think ive found a solution that’s simple. Before you start the day you make a filtered deck with is:due.

Your reviews will all be in the filtered deck and the NEW will be in the real deck.

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