Showing new cards first in v3 with a filtered deck

I Have a similar problem but my issue is that no matter what I see the new cards first, and cannot get to my reviews. I even created a parent deck with the setting I liked and it didn’t work in the filtered deck but working in the normal deks.

I have created a filtered deck with what I need for a topic from a massive deck, but I cannot find a way to alter the scheduling in a way to make the review cards come first. I even created a custom study deck with the reviews alone but found out after doing 400 cards that the custom study deck doesn’t store any of the data on the cards. So when I rebuilt the filtered deck (which also contains the reviews) I was shocked to see that they were still there. Please help me!! I have looked far and wide and cannot find a solution to this

These are the settings

Edit: I turned off the V3 scheduler, which allowed me the option to put New cards after Review options, then I restarted Anki and I was able to do it, but then when I emptied the deck and then rebuilt it (to see if the data of the reviews stayed) all of the previously done reviews entered the rebuilt deck as if I didn’tjust do them.

It should work. To be clear, when you talk about “new cards”, you are referring to the cards in the blue count, and not cards you’ve seen recently?

Yes new cards in blue. When I had V3 active, there was no way to get review cards first under V3. I also don’t know how to get my review cards in the filtered deck to keep the data, everytime I rebuild it the same review cards are returned to the filtered deck.

Filtered decks don’t have their own display order settings. To accomplish what you want, you can create an empty deck with that preset, and then create the filtered deck inside the deck, eg empty::myfiltered. If you click on the empty deck, it should then show the cards in the desired order.