Display order problem in filtered deck with V3 scheduler

Hi, I have a problem with the display order of cards in filtered decks. This are my V2 scheduler settings

and this is how it looks like when using my filtered deck. First the (re)learning cards, then the reviews and finally the new ones.
However, with the V3 scheduler and using these settings

this is what happens with my filtered deck, everything mixes (new cards, (re)learning cards and review cards).
The default option for the display order in V3 scheduler is mixing all so I believe the problem lies there. It would be fantastic if you could solve this issue.

Even though I have set up my default deck with the “new cards after reviews” and “learning cards before reviews”, when I use my filtered decks this doesn’t work. It just works in the original deck. When I use the filtered deck it shows new cards, learning cards and review cards mixed, as if the original display order set up hadn’t changed.

Filtered decks use different options than regular decks. You can experiment a little bit with them to see if they work for you.

Yes, I use the relative overdueness. However it still mixes the new cards with the learning and review cards. With the V2 scheduler I set it up to show the learning first, then the reviews and the new ones at the end.

The options for mixing of new cards was a general setting in v2, but Scheduler v3 moved it from Preferences into the deck options. I think (but I can be perfectly wrong) that’s why what you want is not possible anymore with v3.

Yes, I know. I changed those setting in order to have this one below. However, my filtered deck mixes everything instead of using these settings. Relative overdueness is fine

Filtered decks don’t currently store these settings themselves. You can probably work around it by creating a parent deck with the desired settings, and placing the filtered deck into the parent deck, then clicking on the parent deck instead.

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