Filtered Decks -- See Learning Cards Before New Cards

Trying to work with filtered decks to see new cards, but to review due review cards and learning cards first. So lets say I have a 200 card limit in the filtered deck, when I rebuild it, I want it to populate due review and learning cards first, and then new cards, but the total cards being 200 each time.

For example: tag:TagOfInterest (is:due or is:new)
Sort by Relative Overdueness
Number of Cards: 200
Expected Result: Any due reviews or due learning cards will populate first. Any remaining space will be taken up by new cards, perhaps in order added would be nice.
Current Result: Any overdue reviews or learning cards populate first. New cards are populated after. Currently due learning cards are not populated till after new cards.

I have tried to find workarounds (sorting by different things, using a second filter, etc.) but cannot find a solution. Is this something that would need an addon, or would this maybe be updated/changed in a later anki addition? Or am I missing a workaround solution?


There’s a setting in the preference screen that will put new cards after reviews in normal decks - have you tried that?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I do have it already set to that. That does not seem to have an impact on filtered decks, even when set to relative overdueness unfortunately.

To clarify, it is as if the Filtered Deck thinks that new cards, that have never been studied before, are more due than learning cards that are due on that same day.

Filtered decks are not that flexible when it comes to order, unfortunately. In your case, both new cards and review cards due today aren’t overdue, so their order is pretty much arbitrary.

I wonder if a regular deck isn’t more suitable for your use case. You could set the reviews to 200 and the new cards to 0. Then, when you’ve finished the deck, you can use the feature to increase today’s new card limit. It’s not perfect but the best I can come up with.

Hmm, OK. That’s really too bad. I appreciate your suggestion.

I’d think it would make sense that reviews and learning cards “due today” would be more overdue than new cards.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I can use a regular deck for this goal – I’m already using a huge deck and just trying to study certain tags first and foremost (and introducing new cards from certain tags as long as I am not also studying too many review/learning cards under those same tags).

Re new cards filling the remaining space, that is not possible, but you can use a second filter to select new cards with a specific limit independently of the primary search.

I would not expect learning cards to appear after new cards though, and I can’t seem to reproduce that behaviour here when the option to show new cards last is enabled.