How to create a custom deck that sorts cards with the order "latest seen first?"

Hello. For context, I am using Anki to study for the bar exam. When I start reviewing my cards, I would like to start with the newest card I learned because they are usually the hardest for me to remember. I want to create a filtered deck that sorts cards that are due today with order mentioned above to increase the efficiency of my review because I have a dozen decks that covers different subjects, and I don’t want to manually select each individual deck to review based on the order I learned them. However, the options for sorting cards on a filtered deck do not seem to have the option I want. The available sorting options are:

  1. oldest seen first
  2. random
  3. increasing intervals
  4. decreasing intervals
  5. most lapses
  6. order added
  7. order due
  8. latest added first
  9. relative overdueness

The “latest added first” option does not accommodate my need because the order I study my cards is different from the order I added the cards. I found an add-on that could add more sorting orders, but it only supports V2 Scheduler and my version of Anki does not support it anymore.

Is there any other add-on I can install to give me this option? Thank you.

By this, I understand you to mean the most-recently introduced Review cards – is that right?

Would you consider doing this with a dummy-parent deck instead of a filtered deck?

Yes. I want to review the most recent cards I learned first because I don’t want to deal with them at the end of my review when I am tired.

I am not sure what you meant by a “dummy-parent deck”. Do you mean creating a deck that includes all the cards?

What I did was trying to create a filtered deck (see picture below), but the default order is sorting all the cards due today with the ascending order, which means the oldest card I learned is the card I study first. I want to reverse this order. I tried other sorting orders, but I cannot find the option.

You can create a normal deck, set the desired sort order, and then make the filtered deck a child deck. When you review the parent deck, cards will appear in the chosen order.

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Thank you for replying. I tried to create a normal deck that includes every card, but the sorting order does not have the one that displays the most recent learned cards first. I tried all the sorting orders on the picture, the closest one is sorting the cards with ascending intervals since most new cards has the shortest intervals, but it will mix all the subjects together. Because I learn new cards that are in the same subject matter, I want to review learned new cards from one subject matter to another, and the card order I want is reviewing most recent learned cards first.

Up top you said –

So we’ve been suggesting ways to combine your cards together. But now you’re saying –

Which makes it sound like you want to keep your subjects separate. I’m not sure I understand what your actual goal is. :person_shrugging:t4:

You’re right that there is a sort order that exactly matches reverse-order-from-when-they-were-introduced. But I think ascending intervals is a pretty appropriate proxy for that. Your short-interval cards will be recently introduced and just out of the learning steps, or recently lapsed and just out of the relearning steps – either way, that sounds like what you’re trying to focus on.

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