Changing card order in individual decks to new/review first


I wanted t know if anyone is aware of any add-ons or settings that can be used the customise the order of cards in my anki decks. When going through a deck each day, the current default settings show you a mix of your new cards and reviews in an even and balanced order until the deck is completed. However, I find it quite distracting jumping from a bits of a new topic to past topics at the same time.

Is it possible when starting a deck each day for all of the new cards to be seen at least once before seeing the older review cards or vice versa? Fore example if there are 20 new cards and 50 reviews, to see all 20 of the new cards in order first before I am shown the 50 reviews and remaining learn cards.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Check out this section in the faqs