Learning a deck in alphabetical order

I’m trying to find the way to force a deck or filtered deck to display the records in alphabetical order.

I saw that @Rumo wrote here and here that the way to do this is by repositioning the cards. Although I haven’t been able to figure out how to force Anki to overcome his tendency to be random.

There was someone who made it clear that after determining a new location, it should be transferred to a filtered pack. But it doesn’t help me because even for a filtered deck you have to determine according to which parameters the questions will appear.

Many thanks to whoever explains the matter to me. (@dae? )

Could you describe in more detail what you have done and what the problem is? Especially regarding to the first link, if you have tried that approach.

If the cards are new, you can sort in the browse screen and then reposition them in that order. If they’re not new, Anki does not have a feature to display them alphabetically.

I’m talking about old questions…

Is it a matter of principle?
anki won’t you agree to define that a change of location also affects old cards?

So you want the cards to appear alphabetically when reviewing? I think that would go against the principles of Anki. The “randomness” is not random at all, it’s showing you the cards that are due for review based on the intervals. That’s sort of the whole point of spaced repetition… But it’s also possible that I just don’t really understand what you’re trying to do exactly.

I request that the cards that should appear today, appear in alphabetical order.

I don’t understand what this “holy” principle is that the order will come according to the intervals. What’s so terrible about giving the user the choice to use as he likes.

If there is someone who trusts himself that he will learn everything that awaits him today, what is wrong with him deciding for himself in what order he will do it?

I understand you are frustrated with not being able to view today’s cards in the order that you want. I agree that it was designed to be random, but sometimes getting the cards in order does help with the learning.

I am not sure if you tried this (didn’t read all the links), but my thought is to create a filtered deck of the cards due today, and then limit to “oldest seen first” or “Order added”.

The assumption is that you added the cards in the order you wan to review them.

This is a baseless assumption.
Even if it is correct in 90 percent of the cases, it will not solve the remaining 10%.

You are correct. You’ll have to make an add on to do what you want.

Maybe this plugin will allow you to change the added dates as a workaround.

Set Added Date - AnkiWeb.)

I don’t understand the question.

As with every feature, there needs to be enough demand and resources to implement it. And for most users there is no value in sorting review cards alphabetically.


This is exactly what I asked to find out, is it a matter of principle, or is it just a demand problem.

If it is a matter of principle, it can be understood, but I would suggest implementing the sorting option of alphabetical order, in the memorization definition of filtered decks. “Sort alphabetically”

By the way: the subject of demand can be found out on “Google” simply

The web is full of such requests.
Like: How to redeploy old anki cards
Or: How to rearrange anki cards. memorizing anki cards in alphabetical order, and so on.
There is also ankiweb and github about it

Thank you man for taking the time to solve the problem!!

According to the way I understand the way the plugin works, it seems to me that it solves the problem in an indirect way, but it is not a root solution to the problem.
More like a hospital on the side of the dilapidated bridge…
(By the way, my problem can also be solved by exporting the cards to a document, and sorting the cards in MS Excel, copying them again to a text document and importing…
(Credit) But this is not a normal solution either.

I think you may be mixing two different things here. One thing is to request the possibility to review the graduated cards alphabetically. This simply doesn’t make much sense from the SRS perspective, and I don’t see devs implementing it in the future, but of course, I may be wrong.

Another completely different thing is to request the option to sort the reviews cards due for today alphabetically, or in other words, add the “Due date, then alphabetically” option here:

This makes more sense, but perhaps most users may not find it very useful. Explaining your use case can help other people to understand the potential advantages that such a new option could bring, and would increase the chances that someone with the knowledge to do so would decide to invest the time necessary to implement it.

In the meantime, you can use the browser to filter, order and “review” your cards the way you want, but this, of course, won’t have any effect on the cards scheduling. To do so, just click on the “Preview” button in the browser after filtering and reordering your cards the way you want.

Some users have suggested before the ability to review cards directly from the browser, which seems like a very reasonable request, you can also consider adding your support here:

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