Discussion: Overcoming randomness in learning old decks

Peace and blessings to the community.

A few days ago I opened a topic with an innocent question regarding learning old anki questions in alphabetical order.

After much testing, I found that anki’s randomness regarding learning old cards cannot be overcome, just by a filtered deck, and even there the timing options are limited. So it is not possible to sort the questions according to any sort key.

It is also not possible to change the location of tickets, only for new tickets and not for old tickets.

If I understand correctly, the reason that anki does not allow learning in any order is because logic dictates that the predetermined timings are the ones that will decide what is more necessary for learning.

I certainly understand the logic of the claim, but I believe that the user who chooses the order of his learning should be allowed in specific cases.
According to the amount of requests on the net to change the timing of the tickets in alphabetical order, I understand that there is a very widespread demand for it.

I agree that there is no place to allow the order to be determined absolutely, due to the reason that not all cards are ready for learning on this day, but at the very least it can be determined that the cards that are supposed to appear today, will appear in alphabetical order, or according to another sorting key.

After much searching, I found that this topic has already been discussed a lot. And the full network of this type.
Some of the applicants, search by allowing to impose an alphabetical order of study, others request to allow to change the order of cards studied. The good side is that everyone is embarrassed by this problem.

This is where the matter of plugins comes in:

There is a plugin that allows learning cards according to the order in which the cards are added, but this does not completely solve the problem. It can be studied according to any parameter. For example I want to organize my cards, it doesn’t help me for old cards only for new ones.

In conclusion: it would be enough if there was an option to define a sorted deck according to parameters that exist today in sorting in the browser, such as: alphabetical order, etc. Or alternatively, it will be possible to set a ticket time for old tickets.

I would love a root solution on the matter!!! Or at least for reference :slight_smile:

Thank you community!!!

As you said, this has been discussed many times before. Reviewing graduated cards in alphabetical order doesn’t make much sense from the SRS perspective, since it’s not the best way of optimizing your study time, so I don’t think developers will be too keen to implement such a feature.

However, filtered decks allow a lot of flexibility, combining them with tags could be the solution you are looking for.

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Can you tell me how it will solve my problem?

Sorry, after reading some other posts you’ve opened about this, it seems I’ve misunderstood you. As you know, ordering the cards due for today alphabetically is not possible, so your request seems reasonable. If other people support the idea, maybe someone will implement it in a future version / an addon.

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