Anki is accidentally reordering a certain downloaded deck

When I change the option on the deck to study 2 cards a day instead of 5, it completely reorders the deck, which I don’t want. When I put “random” as my insertion order it retains the original order but if I choose sequential its a random order. Thanks for any tips on how to solve this.

Cards are reordered when you save the deck options with a different sort order than was previously set. You may be able to move the cards to a different deck that is already set to sequential mode if you wish to preserve the order.

I think this should help, but originally I am not changing the sort order, I am just changing the number of cards to study each day and then I get the behavior of order changing.

I can’t think of a reason why that would happen. If you can still reproduce it, please let me know the steps I should take to trigger/confirm it has happened using your AnkiWeb collection.

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