Anki V3 will not sort cards randomly

When I try to switch the settings of insertion order to random, it says “With the V3 scheduler, it is better to leave this set to sequential, and adjust the new card gather order instead”. I did this and set the new card gather order to random cards but my review cards are not in random order. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for optimizing my other Anki settings? I am using the Milesdown deck arranged by Kaplan chapters (also adding some of my own cards) and Mr. Pankow P/S deck. I am testing September 14th.

I don’t see any errors in your settings. I have set the same settings and get a random order of new cards and review cards.
You have to consider:

Anki will use the display order from the deck you select to study, and not any subdecks it may have.

Tip switch to FSRS.

I also want to note that you are not using the latest version of anki.


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