Revise many paquets in a random order

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying for a few hours to revise many paquets together but I want the cards to appear in a random way. Right now, I’m only revising the first paquet before getting access to the second.

I went on ankiweb for some helps but even though I chose random for the order of apparition of the cards in the paquet, it doesn’t change. I also want to be able to revise on my phone but it doesn’t work too…

Maybe I did the procedure wrong but I already changed the order to random and I don’t know what else I can do more.

Thank you for your help !

In the last computer version, try these options in any deck containing sub-decks:

  • New card gather order > Random

  • New card sort order > Random


I’m sorry, I search everywhere on anki but I can’t find the display order in the options. I downloaded yesterday the last version though.

May I ask you the step by step to get where you are ? I’m a very basic anki’s user…

Deck options are accessed by:

  • Clicking the gear icon on the Decks screen.
  • Selecting a deck on the Decks screen, and then clicking Options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Clicking on More > Options while in review mode.
  • Pressing o while in review mode.

I did that at first but maybe I’m stupid but I don’t find the ‘‘more’’. I printed you my screen

It should be right there, after the LAPSES section:

I’m not sure why the display Order section doesn’t appear on your system. I would try to launch the program with add-ons deactivated or reinstall the last version of the program.

This option is only available in the v3 scheduler: The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change to v3 scheduler ? I read the website you sent me but I can’t find the informaiton to switch to this one

I try to reinstall the program and change the version (2.1.49 to 2.1.51 q5 and q6) but it didn’t change anything. The only adds on I have is ‘‘image occlusion enhanced’’ but I’d like to keep it as many questions are under this form

Preferences > Scheduler

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thank you so much for your help !!