How to review decks in alphabetical order?

I’m not sure why the cards are presented in random order when reviewing a deck, I have in all the decks I’ve created some cards that have the name starting with the character * so that those in particular are presented first when sorting alphabetically. New cards would also have to be presented in the same order regardless. The idea is that those cards that start with * should be memorized first. Does anyone know of away to make the AnkiDroid present the cards in alphabetical order?

You can change the order in by following these steps and changing the “Display order"

  • Clicking the gear icon on the Decks screen.
  • Selecting a deck on the Decks screen, and then clicking Options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Clicking on More > Options while in review mode.
  • Pressing o while in review mode.

Recommend reading the documentation

Hi @NameLessGO, thanks for the reply. I’m a bit lost here. I’ve found similar posts with basically the same information you posted, but I’m not sure whether that applies to the app version I have. I think it’s AnkiDroid version 2.15.6, the one on the Google Play Store with the name AnkiDroid Flashcards by the developer AnkiDroid Open Source Team (sorry I can’t post links). Do you know whether there is a documentation for that particular app? because I can’t find the same options on the app nor the documentation at the website ankidroid org.

Ankidroid 2.15.6 currently don’t have an extensive “Display order” like anki does, might be because V3 schedule wasn’t released yet (On the latest beta, you can enable V3 scheduler but ankidroid warns user to not do it for important decks)

Bear in mind that if you want to test ankidroid alpha might contains bugs specially on v3 schedule
AnkiDroid 2.16alpha90
AnkiDroid 2.15 User Manual

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Thanks a lot for all the information. It’s very much appreciated.