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Cards appearing in wrong order (on desktop and ankidroid)

I’m not sure which category to choose so I chose scheduling.

In short I have a deck I add a lot of cards to and it’s set to show the new cards by order the cards were added but for some reason it shows me in order of the NEWEST cards I added. This is probably a bug because in my other deck, the cards are shown by the order the cards were added

Which version and scheduler are you using?

what do you mean version and scheduler? the version on ankidroid? my new card position/order?

I’m sorry, I was a bit unclear. There are multiple versions of the scheduler, which decides which Anki will show you. The newest one currently is v3.

If you make the change to the settings on AnkiDesktop, it will translate to AnkiDroid when you sync. On AnkiDesktop, go the deck settings of the deck where you want to make the change (the small cogwheel to the right). Then go to “New Cards”, then look for order. It should say “Show new cards in order added”.

actually the problem i think is with my deck. i added a few subdecks and i guess it’s messing with the order?

The old scheduler you’re using shows review cards in the order of subdecks.