Insertion order showing newer cards first

Hello all,

Long time ANKI lover, becoming an addict with my upcoming physician exams in 2023. I am however having an issue with the order of insertion of new cards.

My setup: I utilise ANKI on both my laptop and android phone. I sync them regularly and utilise both platforms. I have multiple subdecks arranged into different topics (e.g. differing body systems, drugs, etc…). I have ALL my decks set to “sequential, show oldest cards first”
My process: My deck is a living deck: I study directly to ANKI notes skipping folder-based notes as I find it doesn’t work for my brain. I am constantly looking things up and adding them to my deck as I study from it. My new and revising cards get backlogged intermittently for various reasons but I eventually always bring it back in line.

I find at the moment there are new cards I have not been able to address for a little while due to time issues. When I revise I find the ‘newer’ new cards (added more recently) get shown to me to revise before the ‘older’ new cards. This is an issue now because there are some cards and concepts that I am certain are getting lost to time long after I first reviewed the concepts OR were introduced to me in the wrong order.

Has anyone encountered this before? And most importantly, has anyone found a fix?

I can’t help but wonder if this is an issue with multiple sub-decks? A quick search seems to suggest no one else is having this issue so I am feeling a bit lost. This is something I have experienced for a while now.

Thanks in advance,

If newly-added cards are being given a lower due number than existing new cards have, Tools>Check Database will update Anki’s idea of what the next due number should be for new cards added after that.

Ok, I tried that and it didn’t help. Instead, the next new card it showed me was something right in the middle of all the cards. See the below image. The odd thing is I am certain all my decks are to show me oldest to newest, not a random order, AND the next three cards it showed me where all of the same topics, so of over a hundred new cars it showed ones from the middle of the bunch that I had added shortly after one another.

I think is related to the subdecks. The deck I added them to (accidentally) was the master deck, not a subdeck. The card it showed me here was the first from the master deck on the list. Is there anyway to fix this so they all run from the same start order?


New cards are introduced in subdeck order in the v2 scheduler. This can be configured in v3, but is only available in alpha builds of AnkiDroid.

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