Cards appearing in wrong order

I used a shared deck on Anki Desktop and it worked without problems. This deck uses a sort field to show the cards in order. I’ve added some new cards with the same note type and tried to insert the cards in specific positions with a leading 0. Then I sorted the cards and repositioned them. In the card browser it looks like this:

Unfortunately, anki shows all of the new cards (in ascending order, skipping all old cards in between) before the first old card appears (also in ascending order, but skipping the already shown new cards). My settings are new card insertion order “Sequential (oldest cards first)”, New card gather order “Deck” and new card sort order “Order gathered”.

I’ve already tried:

  • check database, sync before and after this again, while not using AnkiDroid at all
  • moving the cards to a new deck and then back + reposition them again
  • changing the insertion order to random and then back to sequential
  • I’ve also created a new deck and then inserted new cards in between others with the same leading 0 approach. This was working fine.

I would be really happy if someone have an idea! Thanks!

The sort field does not control the order cards appear during review - it’s the number in the due column that does that.

Sorry for not making it clear enough, I’m only speaking of not yet shown cards, not reviews. In the picture you can see the cards created in 2016 (they are from the shared deck) and one of the recent cards (created in the last days by myself). When I set the number of new cards to 1, anki introduces me first the card with “New #81”, not “New#80”, even the number is lower. If I increase the number of new cards further, I only get all of the recent cards created in 2023 by myself. Only after all of the recent cards are introduced, it proceeds with “New#80”, “New#82” etc.

Have a look here maybe?


Please make sure you’re using the v3 scheduler, and you’re not sorting by deck.

Sorting in ascending order seems to solve my problem, thank you very much!
Sorry for this dumb and easy to solve problem, but i already checked the wiki before posting here and I thought deck order is sufficient due to this line in the wiki:

Although position order depends initially on the ‘Insertion Order’ setting above, you can manually reposition cards in different ways.

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